Q: Is high-speed internet available? ​

A: Yes, TDS has already installed high speed internet with the option of fiber optic or cable with speeds up to 1GB/ps! 

Q: What type of water/sewer system will be available?

A: Each lot will have a private septic system & well. Each lot has already had a PERC test completed and certain lots can have an in-ground septic system, others can have a mound system. Information for each lot is available upon request. Soil testing has also been done for each lot & those results are also available upon request.

Q: How does a condominium plat differ from a single family residential plat in the Fox Hill neighborhood?

A: In short, it doesn't. Although the plat is technically a condominium, the home owner is still responsible for the care & maintenance of the entire building envelope including the exterior of the home & all acreage owned.

Q: Will there be an association fee for each home owner?

A: Yes, there will be a yearly fee of approximately $650.00 for the maintenance of the common elements; namely the roads.  

Q: What approvals have been secured?

A: Town of Verona and Dane County have approved the project.

Q: Who designed the stormwater management system?

A: D’Onofrio Kottke has designed the stormwater management.

Q: When will the roads & power go in? 

A: The roads have been paved. The utilities are underground, installed by MG&E and Alliant Energy. TDS has installed fiber optic cable underground as well.  

Verona School System

The Verona School System serves the Verona, Fitchburg & Madison areas & offers a comprehensive learning structure. To learn more about this school system, below is a fact sheet that provides an overview of the school system.